Oldal kiválasztása

– Violin Maker Resume –

Violin became my passion at a very early age. Music was a living tradition in my family. My grandparents and parents always sang and played music on family holidays, at friends’ gatherings. They noticed that I was attracted to playing music and singing, too. I was 5 years old when my godmother as a violin teacher handed me a small, 1/8 size violin. Her persistent work of many years has taught me to play the violin.

However, the real attraction to violin like a musical instrument developed when I was an adult, after graduating college as a violin teacher. With so much interest in the violin like instrument, in 1985 I made my first violin. Of course not a master one, but it was created with heart and soul. Later I wanted to deepen my knowledge and for this reason I enrolled the Antonio Stradivari International School of Violin-making in 1990 in Cremona, Italy. After two successful years of study, the famous Italian master, Riccardo Bergonzi, offered me to work and learn in his workshop. I spent two years with him and learned the tricks of the trade and Cremona’s 300 years of violin-making tradition. I owe Riccardo a lot for taking me in his workshop, as a friend. I received a lot of encouragement and professional guidance from the violin maker Conia family of Cremona, from masters StefanoConia Sr. and Stefano Conia Jr. and master Gio Batta Morassi.

In 1994 I returned to teaching and worked as a professional orchestral musician. Besides teaching, I repaired musical instruments of the students and orchestral colleagues.

In 2011, I enrolled in the Cremona school again and in 2012 I passed the exam successfully as a string instrument maker, as the student of master Giorgio Scolari.

My professional thesis was the special analysis of Niccolò Amati’s beautiful “Ex-Collin” from 1666 – on the basis of master Ernesto Vaia and master Fausto Cacciatori’s instructions.

Playing music and making musical instruments have always been present inseparably in my life. I like them both so much that I cannot abandon one for the sake of the other.

Being a musician, I primarily interested in the violin’s voice in instrument making.

In addition to the aesthetics of musical instruments and the professional preparation requirements, the most important feature is the voice of the violin for me. My fellow musicians like to play my musical instruments and are satisfied with the terms of playability, which is highly dependent on the accurate and precise installation. At the same time I pay special attention to the musical instrument’s aesthetics and beauty as well.

In 2014 I took part in the International Competition of Instrument Making with my violin, cello and viola held in Pisogne, Italy.

I recommend my musical instruments to musicians who have open ears and soul, and love playing nicely sonorous violins.

Stefano Lupo – Cremona 2015